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{After struggling with guttate psoriasis for a few months and consultations with dermatologists i was recommended light therapy. Skinmatterbristol was a no brainer for me instead of lots of trips to the hospital. The UVB unit worked very well and my skin is cleared, any other flare ups and ill be hiring the unit again. Great service{
Aaron Moody
{I ordered the unit to help my husband who has suffered from psoriasis for many years. He uses steroid creams sparingly and the only thing that has ever made any difference to calming it down and reducing it has been when he travelled to the Sahara for work and spent many months, shirt off, outside in the sunshine. a few years ago he was referred to the hospital for light treatment but didn't take it up as it would have meant a two hour round trip to Southmead for 4 minutes treatment three times per week. By the end of 2021 his psoriasis was bad and spreading. I found Ian from a recommendation and hired the unit for 8 weeks and then extended to 12. We saw massive results after about 3 weeks and after 12 weeks his psoriasis is completely cleared. I cannot recommend Ian highly enough - he is knowledgeable and enthusiastic about helping psoriasis sufferers and super flexible and accommodating with extending the hire. Many thanks Ian.{
Belinda Deery
{My husband hired a lamp from Ian to treat his psoriasis and the results have been amazing! Ian was knowledgeable and understanding of the difficulties of treating psoriasis. The advice provided for using the lamp was accurate and the course of treatment brought results within the first week. The whole service was faultless, and the treatment has been life changing for my husband, we definitely recommend this service and give it a five-star rating.{
Lynwen Hughes-Davies
{I cannot recommend Ian at Skin Matters enough. I hired a unit back in July when I found the company in desperation as a result of lockdown. I needed the unit a bit longer than estimated and I was able to extend the hire to suit me. Having the unit at home and not travelling back and forth to the hospital for treatment is an absolute game changer and worth every penny. Ian is a lovely chap, super understanding and offers a great service to those in need of a bit of light!{
Beth Gibbons
{I cannot recommend Skin Matters enough! Over the Christmas period I had a break out of guttate psoriasis and was covered head to toe. I was already on biologics for my psoriasis but these did not control the new break out. Feeling incredibly low and at my wits end, I discovered Skin Matters, Ian was so helpful and delivered a bed really quickly. Within a week I was beginning to see an improvement with my skin. Skin Matters changed my life and for that I am so grateful.{
Sarah Fields
{The treatment bed’s been great and, as you said, my son’s eczema is almost non existent. I won’t renew at the moment and will see how things go. When do you want to collect? I think my contract was up yesterday or the day before? Thanks mate - it’s been great!{
Darren Cowan
{Skin Matters and Ian were great. Ian was very helpful and friendly with good knowledge of how the UVB light helps. I was covered from my shoulders down with guttate psoriasis and had been on the Hospital waiting list for over a year with the psoriasis getting worse. I contacted Skin Matters and Rented the UVB bandwidth bed for 8 weeks for a very reasonable price. After the 8 weeks 80% of the psoriasis had cleared so I kept the bed for a further 4 weeks and now it’s all gone! I am so grateful to Ian and Skin Matters, I feel like my old self, no more itching and bleeding. Thanks Ian really appreciate your Help.{
Lee Traylor
{Since using the sunbed my husbands psoriasis clears up brilliantly. All the creams provided over the years have never worked and the beds by Skin Matters are the only thing that works. I cannot recommend highly enough.{
Brigita Crook

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