Polymorphic Light Eruption (PLE) Treatment

Our extensive range of UVB Light Therapy machines provide the most effective treatment of PLE, no matter where it is located on your body. Our aim here at Skin Matters Bristol is to provide you with the best UVB technology available, treating skin conditions such as Polymorphic Light Eruption from the comfort of your own home.

Make sure you check out our range of UVB Phototherapy products (UVB Lights) that are scientifically proven to help chronic skin conditions. Available for hire or for sale.


UVB Light Therapy at Home for Vitiligo

Home Treatment for PLE

Here at Skin Matters Bristol, our range of UVB narrowband lamps are manufactured to suit the needs of your skin. Made by Phillips, these machines are effective for clearing up both mild and severe cases of PLE. We offer handheld UVB Lamps for PLE conditions, and also full body machines containing different amounts of UVB output.

Are you tired of the discomfort caused by Polymorphic Light Eruption (PLE) affecting your skin? Our UVB light machines offer a solution to bring relief and improve your quality of life. Polymorphic Light Eruption, or PLE, is a common skin condition that results in itchy, uncomfortable rashes after sun exposure. It can put a damper on outdoor activities and limit your enjoyment of sunny days.

Polymorphic light eruption is thought to be caused by UV light altering a substance in the skin, which the immune system reacts to, resulting in the skin becoming inflamed. It’s not passed down through families, but about 1 in 5 people with the condition have an affected relative as it’s a fairly common condition.

Our state-of-the-art UVB light machines are designed to provide targeted therapy for individuals suffering from PLE. Some people benefit from phototherapy as a way to “harden” their skin. Repeated, controlled exposure to natural or artificial UV light helps desensitize skin and prevents future rashes. PLE starts to fade in a couple of days and goes away without treatment in a few weeks.

Throughout the UK, many people suffer from underlying or severe conditions with their skin. These can be extremely irritating, life consuming and stressful to deal with day-to-day, thus why many people use our range of machines and lamps to help with their skin. Especially with the NHS not providing this type of treatment anymore (years of backlogs), many people have resorted to buying their own device to use at home.

This is why Skin Matters Bristol are here to help the public by providing UVB narrowband light therapy. We offer a wide range of UVB narrowband phototherapy units, all of which we can deliver across the whole of the UK. If your eczema falls under the chronic category, we can offer you 20% off our machines and narrowband tubes.

Phototherapy For PLE

UVB lamps for Polymorphic light eruption are doctor approved, proving to be the most effective form of treatment for this specific condition. UVB light therapy at home is not only the most comfortable form of curing your skin, but with this UVB narrowband lamp technology, you can expect to see your skin clear up in a matter of weeks, 6-8 weeks is the average time. This is usually recommended to patients first and foremost by professionals, as the use of topical corticosteroids & topical creams are tried and have failed.

Our UVB therapy has been clinically proven to alleviate the symptoms of PLE. Research shows that exposure to UVB light can reduce skin inflammation and itching, providing much-needed relief. No need for frequent visits to a clinic. Our UVB machines are designed for home use, allowing you to manage your PLE on your terms and schedule.

There are also finance options available on our products, meaning you can buy now, pay later! We understand you may be uncomfortable leaving the home if your condition flares up, thus the need for a source of treatment at home that saves trips to the doctors and money.

All our UVB light therapy units are manufactured in England and fitted with genuine, Philips brand narrowband lamps. Only Philips UVB lamps are used in hospitals worldwide, so you can be rest assured that you are receiving only the best and professionally proven UVB technology (always check that the unit contains Philips Lamps). These UVB tubes are strongly recommended by doctors and dermatologists worldwide. The wavelength used by these machines is 311nm, which is commonly known as the therapeutic wavelength for treating eczema.

Rest assured, our UVB machines are equipped with the latest safety features to protect your skin while providing effective therapy. Don’t let PLE control your life any longer. Our UVB therapy machines can help you regain control and enjoy the outdoors without the fear of discomfort. Contact us today to learn more about our UVB therapy machines and how they can benefit your skin condition. Our friendly team is here to answer your questions and guide you towards a life with less PLE disruption.


How UVB Light Therapy treats Polymorphic Light Eruption

UVB light therapy is used to treat Polymorphic Light Eruption (PLE), a common skin condition triggered by exposure to sunlight. Here are some reasons why UVB light therapy is effective for PLE:

Increases Sunlight Tolerance: UVB light therapy can gradually increase the skin’s tolerance to sunlight, which is beneficial for individuals with PLE who are sensitive to sun exposure.

Controlled Light Exposure: The therapy offers controlled exposure to UVB rays, which can help the skin adapt without the risk of triggering a PLE reaction that might occur with uncontrolled sun exposure.

Desensitisation of the Skin: Regular, controlled exposure to UVB light can desensitize the skin, reducing the severity and frequency of PLE flare-ups.

Preventative Treatment: UVB light therapy is often used as a preventive treatment before the start of sunnier seasons to help build up tolerance in individuals prone to PLE.

Reduces Inflammation: UVB therapy can help reduce the inflammatory response associated with PLE, providing relief from symptoms such as itching and redness.

Non-Invasive and Safe: It is a non-invasive procedure and is generally safe for most people, though it requires careful monitoring to avoid overexposure.

Improves Quality of Life: By reducing the frequency and severity of PLE reactions, UVB light therapy can significantly improve the quality of life for sufferers, especially in sunnier months.

Tailored Treatment Plans: Treatment intensity and duration can be tailored to individual needs and responses, making it a versatile option for managing PLE.

Minimises Dependence on Medications: For some patients, UVB therapy may reduce the need for topical or oral medications to manage PLE symptoms.

Enhanced Skin Adaptation: Over time, UVB therapy can enhance the skin’s natural adaptive mechanisms against UV radiation, leading to longer-term benefits.

No VAT To Pay

Here at Skin Matters Bristol, we do not charge VAT for those who suffer with chronic conditions. A chronic condition is a human health condition or disease that is persistent or otherwise long-lasting in its effects or a disease that comes with time. The term chronic is often applied when the course of the disease lasts for more than three months.

No vat to pay for anyone with a chronic condition

What are the key benefits of these UVB Light Therapy units?

- UVB light reduces inflammation and slows the production of skin cells, so by having these units in the comfort of your own home, you can access these machines freely when you choose fit, rather than relying on NHS appointments in and around working hours.

- The treatment is usually given three times a week, not affecting your home environment through easy storage options available.

- Phototherapy is seen as the best treatment possible for skin conditions such as psoriasis and vitiligo, highly recommended by doctors across the globe.

- You can expect to see results in as quickly as 2-4 weeks, but it depends how your skin reacts to the UVB rays. On average, it can take 6-8 weeks to see vast improvements in your condition using these units 3 or 4 times a week following instructions.

- An estimated 85 percent of people using narrow-band UVB therapy, which is the most common type, will develop clear skin. This will last for at least 6 months.

- Light therapy can treat plaque, palmoplantar, nail, and scalp psoriasis. So no matter where the skin condition is on your body, you can access these machines from your own home in complete privacy.

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